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  • Friday, May 26, 2017
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    Beth Thorne

    When Currie McAlpine moved back to Memphis to be near family, he knew he wanted to do something that would offer him a better way of life. As the General Manager for over 14 years with area restaurants in Memphis and Nashville, Currie was completely busy all of the time. After a family tragedy three years ago, he sat back to reevaluate his life, looking for a break from the hectic pace of his career. That’s when Yolanda Grace, General Manager of Simply Delicious, whom he had known for some time, offered him a new start with the catering company. “I jumped in with every piece of myself,” Currie says. And he hasn’t looked back. 

    Currie McAlpine 

    Gracie Leathers found early on out of college that the career she always envisioned for herself in the music business industry had one aspect that eclipsed the others. “While working for a record label in Nashville, I realized it was not the industry for me, but I discovered while there that my favorite part was planning large scale events.” Heading back home to Memphis, Gracie wanted a defined role in the Memphis party scene, so she started her own party planning venture. As time went on, she found herself called on again and again by Tricia Woodman, Owner of Simply Delicious, for large tasting events. Eventually, it only made sense to come aboard Tricia’s team as an Event Producer. It’s been a year since she made that jump. 

     Gracie Leathers

    For both Currie and Gracie, working with their favorite vendors across the city of Memphis, creating events that share strategies and vision is a joy each day. Simply Delicious produces around 700+ events a year, and what attracted them both to the hustle of the job is the enthusiasm and relationships with vendors and clients, and the idea that Simply Delicious is really a concierge catering company, a total event production service. 


    “Food will always be the staple of what we do,” Currie remarked, “but we love having a more defined role. The vision is to create an experience, not just provide food.” 


    “Yes, the food is great, the best, but I love the floral and I love the linens, and I can still do that here,” Gracie replied. 


    Currie McAlpine and Gracie Leathers

    It’s a symbiotic relationship that they enjoy with vendors. They aren’t in the floral business, or the rental industry, but they get to share the personalization of each event with amazing vendors that have become friends. “The range is wide open; we don’t want every event to be a ‘Simply Delicious Event.’ We get to share a common purpose with those people we love working with, and our hope is that if we’re doing that for them they can return the favor.” 


    Currie and Gracie have learned quickly how to go above and beyond what a catering company usually does to make sure that their client is well taken care of. It shows in every event, and in every relationship with the best in the business. 


    To find out more about Currie and Gracie, follow them on instagram at @simplycurrie and @gracieleathers, or Facebook (Currie, Gracie). 


    Also, if you are intereted in Event Production and a career at Simply Delicious, email your questions or your resume to Currie at 





    Blog Written by: Beth Thorne

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